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211 Connects Alabama
Dialing 2-1-1 connects you to a trained operator 24/7 that has access to a comprehensive database with a multitude of services in your community. By its design, the 2-1-1 system is ideally suited for serving as the initial contact point for any variety of programs. 2-1-1 is designed to assist families from all walks of life, but most importantly benefits our most vulnerable populations such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income by facilitating access to public services.
Alabama Divorce Lawyer
Alabama Divorce Lawyer and al-divorcelawyer.com is a creation of The Self Law Firm. It is our hope that this website will assist those who are considering divorce and are seeking legal advice as to how to proceed.
Alabama Expungement Lawyer
In Spring 2014, the Alabama State Legislature passed and Governor Robert Bentley signed a new Alabama Expungement Statute that allows certain arrests to be erased from an individual’s criminal record. The Self Law Firm has researched this new law and continues to post the latest developments here. So, if you’re tired of that old arrest from your past popping up on job applications and background checks, maybe it’s time you get it expunged. The Self Law Firm can help you with that.
Alabama Probate Lawyer
The Probate Court in Alabama has jurisdiction over adoptions, estates, guardianships, conservatorships, and involuntary commitments.
Alabama Wreck Lawyer
Alabama Wreck Lawyer and al-wrecklawyer.com is a creation of The Self Law Firm. Our passion is helping people who have been injured in automobile accidents. Don’t let that big insurance company bully you into taking less than you deserve. Let us fight for you.
Hat Creek Crawfish Company
Hat Creek Crawfish Company wants to cater your next big event. Whether you have a group of 20 or 200, we have the expertise to make your party unique and memorable. Just sit back, relax and let Hat Creek handle all the details for your next crawfish or shrimp boil.
State Combined Campaign
The State Combined Campaign, or SCC, is a once-a-year, on-the-job charitable solicitation of Alabama state employees. The campaign permits state employees to give monetary support to qualified human health, welfare and human care service charities recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under 26U.S.C.501(c)(3).
The Alabama Messenger
The Alabama Messenger is a weekly newspaper dedicated to serving the people, courts, attorneys, and businesses of Jefferson County, Alabama, as an efficient and qualified medium for all legal publications. Published weekly since 1918, the Alabama Messenger is now published twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, to better serve our customers and subscribers.
The Pritchett Law Firm
Stephen N. Pritchett, Jr. is a 1998 graduate of the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and a 1995 graduate of the University of Alabama. He has been practicing law since 1998, dealing with all types of general legal issues. Our goal is to provide you quality legal representation at a reasonable cost. In many instances, free consultations, either in office or over the telephone are available.
The Self Law Firm
When it comes to choosing a law firm, does size really matter? We at The Self Law Firm don’t really think so. While there may be some that prefer to be represented by a large army of attorneys, we believe that the true advantage lies with the firm that works smarter, leveraging creativity and efficiency to find solutions to its client’s legal problems. It’s that kind of nimbleness that has allowed The Self Law Firm to have success against many larger firms all over the State of Alabama.
Tumlin Construction & Consulting, LLC
Tumlin Construction & Consulting, LLC, located in north-central Alabama, is a design-build contractor specializing in commercial and industrial construction projects. Design/Build is the project delivery system in which we have excelled for over forty years. This system allows the owner a single source of responsibility for the entire project, providing a close, team-oriented working relationship.
United Ways of Alabama
The Mission of the United Ways of Alabama is to advance the interests of the programs of its member organizations by providing a vehicle for common effort. This effort may take the form of discussions, studies, recommendations, or actions in problems of mutual interest.